La Crosse speaks up: Letters to the editor for the week of Jan. 29, 2021

I write this letter out of concern for all those who read this. We have all stood tall as the pandemic grinds on (Some compare it to being in a SF novel). But there is more to be done! We are all familiar with what public officials insist that we do (masks, social distancing, hand washing, avoiding crowds ect). For the most part, we have done our part. But, I have seen a behavior that needs to be addressed. I have seen too many vulnerable individuals out and about. For most of us, Covid is mild or even asymptomatic. But for some, due to age, underlying health conditions, and other factors, it becomes a serious, even deadly disease. Hence, I implore those whom I have described to limit or curtail non-essential outings. And I implore those who love and care for these folks to urge the same (and do the same for themselves, so they don’t bring it home). The end is in sight, and how we finish can save lives. Those who care for the vulnerable must offer to run errands, sparing these folks from exposure. Doing so, we must support all involved emotionally. The pandemic weighs upon us all, but we are closer to the end than to the beginning. LET US ALL MOVE FORWARD! Supporting Rebecca Schwarz for council I was happy to see that Rebecca Schwarz is running for La Crosse City Council in District 10. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on […]

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