Latest ‘constitutional rights sanctuary’ proposal dies in Sebastian County

Latest 'constitutional rights sanctuary' proposal dies in Sebastian County

FORT SMITH — Sebastian County’s Quorum Court took no action on a proposed "constitutional rights sanctuary" proposal Tuesday. County Judge David Hudson said after the meeting District 3 Justice of the Peace Shawn Looper made a motion to adopt the ordinance, but it failed for lack of a second and did not come up for a vote. The purpose of constitutional rights sanctuary ordinances is to protect "the state and federal constitutional rights" of Sebastian County residents, according to the proposal. It states certain actions it describes as "unlawful acts" will be invalid and not recognized by Sebastian County, rendering them null and void and of no effect in the county. The proposed ordinance defines such acts as any federal, state, or local act, law, order, rule, or regulation that restricts an individual’s constitutional rights. The meeting was plagued by technical difficulties. Those who decided to watch or participate in the meeting via Zoom had great difficulty hearing and/or understanding what was said at the meeting location, the Greenwood High School Safe Shelter. This included justices of the peace Jackie Davis, James Butler, Valeria J. Robinson, Rhonda Royal, Linda Willsey Murry, and Karla Reedy. Hudson said because of the problems, he double-checked the justices of the peace could hear him and Looper’s motion, with them confirming they did. "That difficulty [hearing] got worse, and so we adjourned the May meeting and didn’t do any other business," Hudson said. "But I had a discussion either using the telephone or using […]

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