Latest gun show could be fairground’s last

Gun Rights

, , Kirk Redman, with firearm supply store Ammo Brothers, displays an array of guns at the Del Mar Fairgrounds gun show. The event will be suspended for the duration of 2019. Photo by Lexy Brodt DEL MAR — Although the future of gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is still up in the air, attendees and vendors lamented a Dec. 8 and Dec. 9 event as the last of its kind at the venue. The gun show hosted about 200 vendors selling largely guns, gun parts or gun-related items. Utah-based Crossroads of the West Gun Shows has hosted the event five times a year since 1988. They operate five other gun shows in the state. In September, the 22 nd District Agricultural Association board of directions voted 8-1 to suspend gun show contracts for the duration of 2019 , until they can come up with a viable solution that may involve holding gun shows for solely educative and safety training purposes. The weekend event drew just under 6,000 people from across the county, varying in age from young children to seniors. AR-15s and various semi-automatic assault rifle parts were on sale at the Del Mar Fairgrounds gun show. Photo by Lexy Brodt Don Groh, who sells hand-crafted knives at several gun shows in the country, has been bringing his inventory to the Del Mar Fairgrounds event for about 20 years. He works for a family-owned company called Anza Knives, which is based out of El Cajon. “This […]

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