Latest massacres test gun-control advocates’ resolve as White House faces growing pressure to act

The routine has become so predictable that some gun-control activists see the familiarity of tragedy as their biggest obstacle to achieving the change they’ve been seeking for the past decade. A gunman’s rampage that claimed eight lives Thursday in Indianapolis became the latest mass shooting to set off the well-known pattern of condolences, lowered flags and a somber presidential statement calling on Congress to act . With the cycle typically ending in legislative gridlock before repeating itself, activists are seizing on the most recent spate of deadly shootings to try to disrupt the system. “God help us if we ever become complacent, or if this should ever just become routine and we just look the other way,” said Mark Barden, a co-founder of the gun violence prevention group Sandy Hook Promise. “I do believe that we have an opportunity now for a bipartisan solution to gun safety, and I am trying to convey to folks that it’s all hands on deck.” With Democrats in control of the White House, the House and the Senate for the first time in a decade, the recent string of mass shootings has encouraged activists to make a concerted push for fresh legislation restricting access to guns . But with no clear consensus on how to achieve an elusive goal — and with the White House reluctant to spend limited political capital on a prospect with long odds — there’s a palpable fear among gun-control groups that their best chance in years to change […]

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