Lauren Boebert said she is not a “snotty-nosed politician,” but she is running again

Lauren Boebert said she is not a "snotty-nosed politician," but she is running again

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, an outspoken conservative who calls herself “a fearless conservative Republican” and has made waves for her divisive comments , has announced she will seek reelection in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District on Nov. 8. Boebert, 35, of Rifle, has stirred up plenty of controversy in her first year serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. She represents Pueblo County and all or part of two dozen other Colorado counties in the south and west portions of the state. In her first year in public office, Boebert, who prided herself on being the first woman, mother and youngest representative of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, served on the natural resources and budget committees as well as the Indigenous Peoples of the United States and Water, Oceans and Wildlife subcommittees. Boebert touts gun rights advocacy Boebert is a gun rights advocate who serves as co-chair of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus. She is known to many as the representative who made a video in January in which she said she “refuses” to give up any of her rights including her Second Amendment rights. In the video, Boebert loaded and holstered a pistol before walking around the Capitol Hill area of Washington D.C. She said she will “stick up for our rights, one of those being the right to protect myself with a gun.” “A lot of you scratched your heads and asked, how the heck did I win?” Boebert said in a Dec. 31 speech announcing her re-election bid […]

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