Lawmakers Approve “Extreme Risk” Gun Bill in Massachusetts

Lawmakers Approve "Extreme Risk" Gun Bill in Massachusetts

‘Red Flag’ Bill Passes Mass. Legislature The Massachusetts legislature has passed a bill that allows the temporary removal of guns from people who are believed to be a danger to themselves or others. Massachusetts lawmakers have approved a bill that would allow for the temporary removal of firearms from people considered a danger to themselves or others. The so-called "red flag" bill was given final approval by the Massachusetts House and Senate on Thursday. The measure would let a relative or someone else with close ties to a legal gun owner petition a court for a 12-month extreme risk protection order if the individual was exhibiting dangerous or unstable behavior. A person subject to such an order could appeal the decision. Dozens of aerial daredevils took over the sky to spell out a message for California: "peace." Forty-eight members of the Perris Performance Plus (P3) dropped from three planes to pull off the 100-feet long human formation 16,500 feet in the air. (Published 5 hours ago) The bill would also create a licensing procedure for stun guns in Massachusetts after the state’s highest court ruled that a blanket ban on the devices was unconstitutional. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has indicated he’s leaning toward signing the bill.

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