Lawmakers consider allowing guns on public transit

JEFFERSON CITY — Some Republican lawmakers are aiming for a pair of bills expanding gun rights in the state. HB 212 — led by Justin Hill, R–St. Charles — would guarantee the right for Missourians to carry firearms in the trunks of their vehicles. Hill said Monday the bill protects employees’ risk of termination for keeping a gun in their car on the employer’s property. At the same time, the bill would protect employers from liability should a properly stored firearms be used on their property. "I am trying to create an agreement between a private-property owner of a vehicle and a private-property owner of a parking lot," Hill said. "I think they both have rights." Rep. Peter Meridith, D-St. Louis, opposed the bill and asked if the owner of the parking lot has the right to prevent a gun from being stored in an employee’s vehicle. Hill was asked by Rep. Curtis Trent, R-Springfield and the committee’s chair, if he’d be open to allowing employers to negotiate with an employee about bringing a gun onto their property. "So, the employee has a choice up front when they decide whether or not they want to take that job," Trent said, "(and) whether or not they wish to negotiate away their gun rights while on that property." Hill said he would be open to amending the bill to get it passed. Tony Shepherd of St. Charles expressed concerns about crime and regulating possession of firearms. "The government loves putting all […]

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