Lawsuit says campus gun law, anti-trans bill, others overstep regents’ power

Lawsuit says campus gun law, anti-trans bill, others overstep regents' power

Main Hall on the University of Montana campus. Two lawsuits filed in the Montana Supreme Court on Thursday allege new laws overreach the state Board of Regents’ constitutional authority over what does and doesn’t happen on college and university campuses. Students, former university officials and the state’s largest union comprised of public employees sued Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte over a host of bills signed into law involving campus free speech, firearms, campaigning and transgender athletes. House Bill 102, signed by Gianforte in February, is the common thread for both lawsuits. It bars Montana Board of Regents from enforcing gun restrictions on the state university system’s campuses. Both filings follow the unanimous vote by the Montana Board of Regents on Wednesday for the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education to litigate House Bill 102. The state Constitution gives the regents "full" authority over what happens on campus, but proponents of the new law said the bill enforced Second Amendment rights for people to protect themselves on campus. The regents said a flood of public comments urging them to challenge the law prompted the vote. The Montana Federation of Public Employees was one party to Thursday’s lawsuit challenging multiple new laws.

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