Lehighton noncommittal on passing Second Amendment sanctuary resolution

Lehighton remains noncommittal on a resolution that would see the borough listed as a Second Amendment sanctuary. Mayor Clark Ritter once again told borough council on Monday that he would like to them pass the resolution, which he said continues to gather traction. Ritter said when he last checked, there were 2,259 online supporters of the resolution, which he noted has been passed by various municipalities in the county. “I’d like to see us jump on board,” Ritter said. “It’s too important to ignore.” Ritter said he believes in our Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments. However, Councilman Joe Flickinger said he didn’t see things the same way as Ritter, and that if council is going to do it for one, then it should be for all of them. Ritter stressed this is a push to preserve the Second Amendment, which he said is being attacked. Regardless, Flickinger stuck to his guns. “If we’re going to draft a resolution supporting (the Second Amendment), then we should be supporting all of them,” Flickinger said. Councilwoman Autumn Abelovsky noted that as the wife of a police officer, she fully supports the Second Amendment, but that she’s concerned with its terminology. It was then asked whether Ritter, in his role as mayor, could adopt a proclamation, to which borough solicitor Jim Nanovic answered in the affirmative. Nanovic said he has reviewed the resolutions that have previously been adopted by Palmerton and Bowmanstown to have their respective boroughs listed as a Second […]

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