Let’s Get Tough on Gun Control

Recently, an absolutely stupid suggestion was made by people who would have teachers armed in the classrooms throughout the country, to intervene in case of entrance by an intruder. This suggestion is another ‘bailout’ for school boards and city authorities. Doing this would relieve them of responsibility. Let the teacher do it! If an intruder gains entrance and is not stopped, that armed teacher is to blame. Also, if a teacher was to shoot at an intruder and a student was hit as a result, the court cases would go on into the next century. To be sure, the teacher would be found at fault. Yet, sadly, there are some who will do this. New Jersey authorities have just announced that the illegal gun traffic coming into New Jersey over the Pennsylvania border is unbelievably enormous. What could be done is to establish, at all entry portals into New Jersey, National Guard border patrols to stop and search any and all cars or trucks that, in their opinion, could possibly carry illegal weapons. Those found to be carrying such contraband should immediately and automatically be tried in a court that only handles this type of case and the sentence, if found guilty, should be 10 years in prison without parole. If found with illegal guns, there can be no excuse. To purchase a legal firearm in New Jersey, the legal age should be raised to 25 years old and you should be an American citizen with a job and […]

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