Letter: A critical choice this November

President Trump vs Basement Biden is critical to American liberty. With Biden a puppet of the radical left and Bernie Sanders, AOC, Pelosi in his ear, pulling his strings, he’s looking into a socialistic one-party platform that will declare war on anyone who disagrees. Some issues Sleepy Joe will implement, defund the police (it’s already in effect in dozens of cities), open borders, decriminalize illegal border crossings, free medical, housing, voting rights and jobs for illegals. Jobs that belong to Americans. Removal of 190 million citizens private medical, replaced with socialized medical care. Forget your private doctor, or plan. Raise taxes on everybody, someone will have to pay for the $90 trillion Green New Deal, free college for everybody, taxpayer paid abortions, including late and post birth, reparations for Blacks and gays, free sex change surgery, two weeks vacation for everybody, guaranteed money for everybody, including those that don’t want to work. Biden will also eliminate all Trump tax breaks, reinstall regulations, give voting rights to prisoners, including ones that were already released to abuse law-abiding citizens. Recent rioters who burn, loot and destroy property. Democrats and Hollywood pay bail for them, not to mention big city district attorneys who refuse to do their job, thousands arrested and nobody is prosecuted. Biden wants to take away law-abiding citizens Second Amendment rights to protect themselves. They want to take our guns, but refuse stop and frisk because it’s racist. They want to eliminate gas, oil and our cars which would […]

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