Letter: Absurd

Apparently, living in a country where guns are, and will always be, readily available isn’t good enough for Jim Hoffman, a Clatsop County Republican leader. In a wide-ranging guest column on guns (The Astorian, Oct. 1), he laid bare all his fears. Fear of a tyrannical government, fear of bad guys lurking around every corner and fear of being inconvenienced when buying and owning a gun. He backs a ballot measure to severely restrict if not eliminate all types of gun regulations. A Second Amendment sanctuary — what a great idea. Why stop there? How about a driving sanctuary? My car is as indispensable to me as guns are to Hoffman. Stop signs are a real inconvenience. Speed limits are always slowing me down. Seat belts are so uncomfortable. Laws are a burden. Now imagine laws that pertain to an instrument whose only purpose is to extinguish life. How unfair. There ought to be a ballot measure. Well there is, Measure 4-205, and it is so ill-conceived and laughably absurd that it makes the war on Christmas seem rational by comparison. JIM SPURR Cannon Beach

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