Letter: Around the horn with recent letters

I appreciate E-R letter writers. They raise questions. Here’s my thoughts. Should we use the word “holocaust” to describe Chico’s response to homeless people? No. At what age should school children hear about horrific human history? It’s complicated. Kids ask questions at very young ages. I saw E-R photos of young children protesting mask wearing in school. They asked, “If people don’t wear masks at the Super Bowl … why must kids wear masks in Chico schools?” The Super Bowl was outside and voluntary. Classrooms are inside and mandatory. Can you see the difference, boys and girls? Inflation is happening all around the world … but USA inflation is Biden’s fault? No. To insure that “law-abiding” citizens can buy guns … wouldn’t Universal Background checks tell us who those citizens are? Don’t simple grammar lessons tell us that the Second Amendment phrase about the right to “keep and bear arms” refers to “a well regulated Militia (National Guard)”? Is human pollution the major cause of recent Climate Extremes? Yes. You don’t have to believe Al Gore. Look at the Exxon-Mobile 1979 study that confirmed it. Corporations are People too? Our Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are better than people. They can fund political campaigns anonymously with unlimited amounts. But … if Corporations kill people in Paradise … no one goes to jail. Is the USA morally equivalent to Putin and Stalin? No. JFK said in Berlin … ”Democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put up […]

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