Letter: Change of perspective

To the editor: The question has been posed over the last few years as to what causes a person to change their mind about an issue, and to change from a liberal position to a conservative one on that issue or vice versa? A couple of items in the Wednesday, March 17 Reformer are informative in that they are causing me to think differently about an issue. Page A3 contains an article written by Greg Sukiennik about a Vermonter who objects to a piece of legislation before the Legislature making it possible for law enforcement to remove firearms from those under restraining orders ( "Facebook post calling out Sibilia, Gannon gets attention" ). Until I read the article, and saw the quotes from the person, I was unsure how I felt about the proposed law, but the fact that he included personal information about the representatives (the fact that they are working from home, to me at least a veiled threat), and the completely unfactual assertion that the proposed legislation goes against Second Amendment rights (are there ANY circumstances that guns can be taken away? Does a person under a restraining order belong to a “… well-regulated militia …” quoted in the Second Amendment?). Page A5 contains a commentary by Jerry Cormier ( "Oppose unconstitutional gun laws proposed by legislators" ), in which he refers to his state representative as “… (so-called) …”, as if this person has not actually been elected by a majority of the voters. Sniping […]

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