Letter: Consider this before you vote

It’s one of the most divisive times in U.S. history. False information, lies, slander, mob violence, and tyrannical governors are rampant. Satan is having a field day. Before casting your vote, consider the facts of these hot topics: ABORTION: Democrats support women’s rights! Then why did they allow millions of unborn women to be aborted since 1973? And more hideously, right up to and after birth? Science confirms that life begins at conception. All life is protected under our Constitution, including those who can’t yet speak for themselves. IMMIGRATION and LAW ENFORCEMENT: Our country was built by immigrants who were vetted and became legal citizens. Without secure borders, gangs, drug and sex traffickers infiltrate our country, committing murder and other heinous crimes. Our taxes pay more than $100 billion annually in illegal immigration costs. For bleeding hearts who want open borders and defunded law enforcement: Heard of MS-13? Been to Portland or Kenosha? Irony: Many elitists who want open borders live in gated communities. Hypocrites. GUNS: The numbers prove that nations with higher legal gun ownership have lower crime rates. You have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property. If gun-free zones worked, mass shootings at Virginia Tech, Parkland high school, Sandy Hook Elementary School, synagogues and churches could have been averted. Criminals will always get guns. The Second Amendment protects us from tyrannical government oppressing and rendering us powerless.

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