Letter: Follow these guidelines to make schools safer

I’ve given much thought to how we prevent mass shootings. Mental illness and unprotected targets are the two main areas we must figure out how to control. The following areas would be easy to implement immediately and actually do something that will work without taking away Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens. • Give a tax break to gun owners for a high-quality gun safe. Every police and gun-safety class encourages shooters to lock up their firearms when not in use. Would-be mass shooters often get their guns from family or thefts. Start a national awareness program. • Have police officers at as many schools as possible at the beginning and closing of school hours. Police are already on the street at these times. Cost will be minimum. Pay them one hour of overtime to start at 6 a.m., then they should get to a school by 7-7:3O a.m. until the kids get into the building. The show of force would be a tremendous deterrent to a shooter looking for a soft target. Limit access and cover the access with armed officers and staff members. • Presently there are two to three vice principals or monitors per school. Arm and train them. They are there for discipline and safety. • Rein in the media. Stop the circus! Don’t show the shooter’s photo. It doesn’t matter what his motivation was. Other unstable people get ideas and copy them to get the attention they seek. The shooter should be described as […]

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