Letter: Give credit to Trump

To the Editor: Fellow Americans, it is election time again. Before you vote, study the issues. Do not vote one party because your parents did. Some comparisons: Trump: The economy in our country has never been higher under him, and he cut taxes. Biden: He wants to increase taxes. He wants more government. Truth is less government in our lives the better off we are. Biden wants Medicare for everyone. Good idea? Heck no. Who will pay for it? Today we are back to being the number one superpower. Our military has been rebuilt by Trump. He is not afraid to stand up for us. We are respected by other countries. Trump ended NAFTA. The jobs went to other countries. Our country lost thousands of jobs. Biden was in favor of NAFTA. He favors China. Why? China certainly is not a friend of ours. Biden has been in government for 47 years. Can you name anything he has been responsible for? Trump is pro-life. He even showed up in Washington for the Right to Life rally. He was the first president to even do so. The mayor of New York says no democrats are pro-life. Hopefully, he is wrong. Biden is pro-choice. Call it what you want; killing babies is murder. Biden is a progressive. Back in the 60s, democrats were more like the communists. Today, Biden is so far left, how do we know what he really is for? He is also too old to be president. One […]

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