Letter: Gun owners should vote for candidate who will best represent their rights

On Aug. 3, 2019, Nate McMurray called assault weapons owners, “…part of the most insecure and dangerous club in the world.” I assume his definition of an assault weapon, is a high caliber, semi-automatic rifle. Rifles of this sort are the firearm of choice for many competitive match shooters, over 11 million of responsible Americans own them, and they don’t harm anyone. Indiscriminately labeling millions of law abiding gun owners with derogatory stereotypes is an excellent example of bigotry. Gun raffles are a vital fundraising tool for our first responders, volunteer fire departments and community hospitals. As a NYS Senator Chris Jacobs voted against a ban on gun raffles that was proposed by McMurray’s Social Democrat pals in NYC. I have never heard of a gun won at a gun raffle ever being used in a crime or harming anybody. Jacobs has voted to ban bump stocks and 3D printed guns. He has also fought against NY SAFE Act expansions and defended the privacy rights of pistol permit holders. He voted against the red flag law that violates our Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights regarding due process. Chris Jacobs has a responsible legislative record regarding our Second Amendment rights. Nate McMurray arrogantly hurls bigoted insults at law abiding gun owners who possess certain legal firearms. On Election Day, I urge law abiding men and women who own legal firearms in the NYS 27th Congressional District to vote for the candidate who you think will best represent your rights in […]

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