Letter: Guns are the problem

As a New Hampshire student, I am shaken by the mass shootings in schools across the country. Youth are under a constant threat of our communities being ripped apart by bullets. Schools should be places to foster learning and growth, not unsafe, fear-ridden environments as many have become. Young people are the future of this country, yet our local leaders are not treating our safety as such. Gov. Chris Sununu’s School Safety Task Force Report is only another shameful example of how we continue avoiding the root of our school shooting problem, guns. The 76-page report focuses largely on strengthening mental health programs in New Hampshire schools, avoids the topic of strengthening gun safety laws and recommends adding more guns into the school environment by placing armed resource officers on school campuses. Supporting and maintaining the mental health of students is vital to communities across the state. It will not, however, get to the root of the gun violence epidemic, guns. An attacker with a knife will never do the same damage as they will with a gun. Moreover, with the strong focus on mental health in this report, it fails to address the problem that N.H. background checks for the purchase of firearms exclude mental health history. Prior to blaming schools for a lack of mental health support, we need to strengthen our gun-safety laws and confront the reality that guns are the base of our widespread mass shooting problem in the United States. OLIVIA MUNDAHL Sanbornton

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