LETTER: Here’s the ‘real truth’ about debate over guns

LETTER: Here's the 'real truth' about debate over guns

With all the talk about gun control, let’s mention the real truth. These students in Florida must have had some outside help and financing to get so well organized. Undoubtedly, from liberal, anti-Second Amendment Democrats still filled with vitriol over Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidency and the strong backing that President Trump got from the NRA. The real truth is the NRA is composed of law-abiding citizens who practice and teach gun safety. No NRA member has ever been involved in mass shootings; rather, they are carried out by persons who should not have the ability to legally possess them to begin with. We have gun laws now that are not enforced. Liberals seek to crack the legal door open by banning so-called assault weapons, but they don’t fool us. Their ultimate goal is to ban all guns. Then only the government and criminals will have them. How […]

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