Letter: It doesn’t pay for NRA to push gun restrictions

Gun Rights

The March 30 letter “ NRA needs to offer more than thoughts, prayers ” from Greg Ward presented a frightful history of recent major mass gun killings. The letter contended that the National Rifle Association has “offered no solutions and it continues to offer no solutions.” The reason for no solutions is obvious — thorough solutions would put the NRA out of business. Why are nonmilitia guns necessary? Why aren’t there proposals for a gunless society (excluding the military)? Opposition would come from the entire gun industry, gun hobbyists, plus Constitution-citing self-defense advocates. However, would constitutional forefathers have intended people could bear arms for self-defense if they could have imagined the deadly potential of 21st century firearms? Let us have well-planned national gun confiscation, except for controlled guns for wildlife protection and for rigidly controlled recreational use. Hopefully society would accept guns existing only for animal defense and controlled-sport use only in restricted areas (e.g. shooting ranges, hunting preserves), with guns kept and borrowed for use at restricted areas. Perhaps the cost of rewards, credits and retraining would be less than everlasting societal costs of violent killing investigations, gun ownership/use control systems, gun barriers and security at public places and medical treatment and death costs for victims. Relic collections could be kept and displayed as evidence of a more dangerous past. An essentially gunless future culture would contribute to a more peaceful society. William (Bill) Allman, Columbus

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