LETTER: It’s not easier to buy guns than nose spray

LETTER: It's not easier to buy guns than nose spray

This is in reference to a letter from a Mr. Ashdown on April 6 saying it’s easier to buy guns and bullets than nose spray at Walmart. This type of statement is false and people reading this will believe it’s true. Mr. Ashdown should go to Walmart and try to buy a gun and ammo. For the gun he will have to fill out a three-page NCIS federal background check, and for ammo he’d better have his pistol permit. Oh, then go to the cold and flu aisle. There you can pick your nose spray and go check out. There were more deaths due to drug overdoses in 2015 (2016 not available yet) than gun homicides, not including suicides, and automobile deaths combined. In 2015 there were 52,898 drug related deaths, 13,502 gun homicides (not including suicides) and 35,092 automobile deaths. That’s 4,304 more drug deaths than gun and auto combined. Hmmm maybe we should ban heroine and meth … but wait, they are banned. You want to ban guns? Well guess who will have them, only criminals. I stand by my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. People should stop spreading false narratives; do some research before you write or post things. BILL ROSS Seneca Falls

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