Letter: Poisoned

Political correctness has poisoned the office of the district attorney, and there is a growing trend of defunding the police, disarming the citizens and discharging the criminals. Without the protection of law enforcement, people will have to enact laws that protect their right to self-defense. The Second Amendment Sanctuary Amendment, Measure 4-205, would eliminate local enforcement of the laws regulating firearms and firearm accessories. District attorneys fear this law because it would make it more difficult to prosecute gun owners with enhanced charges and increased sentencing. County officials oppose the SASA because the law would eliminate qualified immunity. It levies a punishment for county employees who violate someone’s Second Amendment rights, which upsets the public employee unions. Unions work to indemnify their members from any responsibility for their actions, and they will try to defeat any policy that jeopardizes those protections. The SASA does not stop county officials from enforcing laws against criminals who commit crimes with a firearm. It does not protect a felon in the possession of a firearm. It does not even regulate firearms or firearm accessories. The wording of the SASA is clear. It does not violate Oregon’s preemptive state statute. It prevents county officials from using county resources for the enforcement of laws that regulate firearms and firearm accessories. It does not stop the state or the feds from enforcing these laws, but it keeps them from commandeering county resources. Please consider voting for the SASA Measure 4-205. ROB TAYLOR Bandon

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