Letter: Pro-gun advocate was misrepresented

Gun Rights

LETTERS This is in reply to Meredith Baker’s letter [ “Gun debate needs sensible voices,” Nov. 7 ] on gun control. She claims, based on a sophomoric “comedic” video, that the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is a radical gun lobby group and denigrated its president, Philip Van Cleave. The intent of the video featured on Showtime’s “Who is America” was to denigrate and humiliate those that do not share the producer’s views. The producer, Sacha Baron Cohen, is not an investigative reporter nor even in the news industry. According to media sources, Mr. Cohen is a comedic actor, writer and producer. Rather than educate herself on our rights, and the beliefs of Mr. Van Cleave and the views of the VCDL, she prefers to base her stance on a mean-spirited, “comedic” video. Nowhere does Mr. Van Cleave advocate for 4-year-old children using firearms in school – those were Mr. Cohen’s words in his video. Meanwhile she wants a “good-faith,” presumably honest, discussion. She should begin her education on our rights by reading our federal Constitution, including the Second Amendment, and our state constitution, including Section 13, both of which state that our right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.” She could then do as I did, and learn about the VCDL by going to their website at vcdl.org . Belief in our constitutional rights is neither radical nor unreasonable. Someone who declares that another “should be barred from the table in any good-faith discussion about […]

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