Letter: Reasonable gun laws

To the editor: The letter “Criminals don’t care about gun laws” by Mr. Morgan included the statement “Anti-gun zealots continue to fail to grasp the simple concept that criminals don’t care about gun laws and don’t get their weapons through legal channels and thus wouldn’t be affected by any new gun laws.” My question is why we make it so easy for criminals to get guns. We will not be able to prevent all criminals from getting guns, but we can at least make it more difficult for them to easy access. Background checks on all gun sales will blocks some sales to criminals and make it easier to track how guns get into the wrong hands. He acknowledges that most gun owners would be receptive to small changes in gun laws. He counters that with the statements like “tip of the iceberg” and “It’s not a slippery slope, it’s a cliff. And that scares me more than any gun.” It is a false argument that passing reasonable changes in gun laws would result in more drastic changes in gun laws. It has proven to be very difficult to pass reasonable gun laws, it would be impossible to pass the gun laws he fears. We can pass reasonable gun laws that will help keep guns out of the wrong hands, with minimal impact to most gun owners. We cannot let some peoples fears to prevent reasonable actions. Douglas Stene Lakeville

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