LETTER: Regarding guns and Biden, watch out for the camel’s nose

To all you people who own or have recently bought guns for whatever reason, beware. Joe Biden, in advertisements and newscasts, has stated that if elected, he intends to take people’s AK-47s, AR-15s and all extended magazines. In one scene he has his arm around Jean-Pierre Bado, a Democratic candidate for the Florida House who has been outspoken against guns, saying, “And this is the guy who is going to take them.” Biden and Harris have both said they want guns taken away. So for those who don’t have any AKs or ARs, just remember that other guns could be included later. It’s just like the old saying about the camel’s nose in the tent—you let something that seems harmless get by and later on it could lead to something much worse. If you believe in the Second Amendment and your rights, I would suggest you vote for Trump.

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