Letter: SAFE Act set in motion denial of citizen rights

Gun Rights

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is attempting to destroy our Constitution, amendment by amendment. It started with the infamous SAFE Act which was passed literally in the middle of the night, removing the chance of interference by law enforcement and mental health experts from objecting to the problems it creates. A major objection to the law is that it does not provide for due process before a person is denied four constitutional and civil rights. A false report, misdiagnosis or an opinion by a person not adequately trained in mental health can cause a loss of Second Amendment rights. The person loses his right to own a firearm, without a hearing, which is a Fourth Amendment violation. This is bad enough, but now, he wants to deny a person’s right to privacy when applying for a pistol permit. The act will require the applicant to submit passwords and other entrances to social media. Also, his red flag bill will allow a third person to accuse the gun owner of a potentially violent action which can give the police the right to confiscate his guns without a hearing. The SAFE Act affects only law-abiding gun owners who are not a problem. Criminals don’t obey laws. The new proposed law will require the registration of rifles and shotguns. This will cause a huge reaction of civil disobedience as Prohibition did in the last century. The SAFE Act should be repealed, not expanded. Budd Schroeder Chairman Emeritus, SCOPE Lancaster

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