Letter: States can impose restrictions on firearms

Gun Rights

In the Tuesday letter “ I have a constitutional right to arm myself ,” John R. Booth claimed there is a constitutional prohibition against a state requiring a permit to possess a concealed weapon. No such constitutional prohibition exists and the Supreme Court has held that states have the right to impose restrictions on the types of firearms that may be owned and whether to require permits, training and even insurance for gun owners. If Booth looks carefully at the Second Amendment, he will note that the right to bear arms is conditioned on participation in a “well-ordered militia,” known today as the National Guard. The Second Amendment was added to the Constitution to appease slave-owning states that were afraid that a future abolitionist Congress might close armories in the southern states. These states used their militias and the arms provided by the federal government to put down slave revolts and to capture runaways. As such, the Second Amendment is an anachronism that has no purpose in 21st century America. Ohio’s Republican-dominated legislature seems to be working hard to make the state unattractive to new business investment by taking away a women’s right to control her own body; making consultations between a physician and her patient a potential felony; refusing to pass legislation guaranteeing equal protection to LGBTQ persons; failing to invest fully in the state’s failing infrastructure; consistently underfunding public education; failing to promote alternative energy; and continuing, through gun legislation, to make it seem like the state […]

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