Letter: Studies, statistics don’t support commissioner’s statements

?I am writing this letter to the editor as a response to Commissioner Nick Hostetter’s remarks in support of Dubois County becoming a 2A sanctuary county. Below is a summary of the Commissioner’s as well as my counter to his statement. ?Commissioner Hostetter stated that he supports Dubois County being a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, and thinks it a re-affirming of our support for the Second Amendment from the almost constant attacks by our federal government on the 2nd amendment. He went on to say he hopes that enough counties and cities become 2A sanctuaries and adopt similar measures to send a message to the federal government and maybe they will quit their assault on the Second Amendment. He stated he was not suggesting that people can carry a gun into a gun-free zone such as schools, churches, government buildings, etc. Continuing on to reiterate his support of the Second Amendment and that most of our county would agree that they believe in the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. He went on to make the bold statement, “gun control isn’t going to have any impact on crime or criminals, this Colorado shooter didn’t wake up in the morning and say if that gun’s illegal I’m not going to shoot up a grocery store today, that’s just not how it works”. He went on to say that if we want to fix the gun problems in the United States, we need to fix our broken mental healthcare […]

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