Letter to the editor | Biden’s anti-intellectual view on patriotism

President Joe Biden made clear his absurd belief implying “unvaccinated means being unpatriotic,” contentiously inferring “Biden policies must be patriotic” by: • Discriminating mandates against unvaccinated workforce; ignoring/defusing COVID-19 originated in China Wuhan Lab following scientific evolution blindly 100%; financing 1.1 billion COVID shots globally, knowing the United States out donates all other countries; financing first, second and booster vaccines and yearly repeat vaccines indefinitely to the world; and inciting COVID unvaccinated deaths, while abstaining COVID side effect impact/deaths. • Allowing/ignoring defunding police; banning guns, creating Second Amendment discourse. • Closing pipelines in America; promoting oil production outside America; inflating gasoline/heating prices supporting Green New Deal; saying printing trillions of dollars free and blaming COVID-19/Trump on inflation. • Opening borders allowing in illegal migrants/criminals; paying $450,000 to illegals; encouraging noncitizen voting; relocating illegals free throughout America; and illegals receiving free medical, food, shelter and expenses. • Abandoning U.S. citizens/patriots in Afghanistan; leaving artillery, ammunition, uniforms and planes to Taliban and believing/trusting Taliban. • Believing what Biden says is true/good for you; permitting undocumented voting as good; voicing voting integrity as 100% honest; giving stimulus dollars incentivizing people not to work; and giving government access/control to your finances. Biden lacks intellect where patriotic means having devotion to and vigorous support to one’s country, opposed to Biden’s attempted destruction of building back America, to better balance world, political, economies and poverty. Barry Lampel Support local journalism. We are making critical coverage of the coronavirus available for free. Please consider subscribing so […]

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