Letter to the editor: Bullock won’t fool Montanans

Safari Club International’s PAC recently endorsed Steve Daines for U.S. Senate because he has voted and will vote for legislation that not only empowers the outdoor community but also protects the hunting and Second Amendment rights of all Americans. Steve Bullock and his deep-pocketed allies, however, are not only trying to hide his anti-Second Amendment agenda but also fool Montanans into thinking he is actually going to protect our right to hunt and bear arms. Most recently, a group called Montana Hunters and Anglers released an ad that calls Steve Bullock “strong on guns.” The ad cites an NRA quote nearly a decade old, but Bullock’s much more recent 2018 statement of support for a ban on commonly owned sporting rifles and their magazines shows that he has earned his current, unmistakable “F” rating from the NRA. Montana voters need to know that Montana Hunters and Anglers is not an organization that truthfully represents Montanans. The group’s sole donor, according to the FEC, is the San-Francisco based Democrat mega-donor Karla Jurvetson, who has spent tens of millions supporting politicians like Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer. If Bullock is elected to the Senate, there is no doubt he will answer to the coastal establishment liberals, not to Montanans. Any claim that Montana Hunters and Anglers and/or Steve Bullock are looking out for the interest of Montanan gun owners and hunters is simply and sadly untrue.

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