Letter to the editor: Gun owners should oppose this resolution

By TANJA BIRKE | Viroqua Since last April, one Vernon County Board supervisor has been attempting to pass a resolution calling for Vernon County to be a “Second Amendment Preservation” county. Similar resolutions are being pushed through the Republican county parties by the NRA and the gun lobby around the country. This resolution pretends to speak for all Vernon County residents, opposing any and all “common sense” gun safety laws in Vernon County. No matter that I and everyone else that I know actually support these laws. No matter that Vernon County residents showed up in the overwhelming majority to oppose this very resolution at a July committee meeting. No matter that Wisconsinites and Americans — including a majority of gun-owners — overwhelmingly support commonsense gun laws. No matter that this is not about the Second Amendment, nor is it about guns or about Constitutional rights being violated. This is clearly a “dog whistle” to motivate gun activists and incite division. I am a gun owner and I oppose this resolution. I also work in the mental-health field with domestic-abuse survivors as well as felons and people who are on commitments. Not all people in these categories are dangerous, but I know firsthand how critical it is to keep guns out of the hands of those who are a danger to themselves or others. This resolution sends a loud and clear message that the will of the people is not the concern of the Vernon County Board of Supervisors. […]

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