Letter to the editor: It’s obvious who are the patriots and who are the traitors

By DON FOY | La Farge What could be more un regulated than a militia that wants to seize and “try” Michigan’s duly elected governor? Her crime? Imposing standard restrictions to safeguard people from Covid -19. Not exactly Marie Antoinette. Suppose they had succeeded in capturing her, would they have judged her “not guilty” and set her free? Unlikely. This seizure could well have ended in murder. The authors of the Constitution knew what they were doing when qualified a WELL-REGULATED militia in the Second Amendment. They knew what the consequences would be to allowing a bunch of unregulated armed militias running around. Well, fast forward about 230 years, and we seem to have forgotten or ignored that part. After several ill-advised Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Second Amendment to mean anybody can have any gun anywhere, with no oversight whatsoever, and a movement of men who think they’re not free citizens if they’re not walking around with machine guns, we face chaos. Trump says, “Stand down and stand by.” Stand by for what? The word from him, that’s what. Trump gripes about law and order, and certainly peaceful demonstrations that turn violent should be stopped, but that pales when compared to the crime of the president calling for insurrection to retain power and destroy our democracy! Fascists always say they’re the patriots. My Dad and uncles and their generation fought fascists in World War II. Thanks, Republicans, for making their sacrifices a waste of time. It’s obvious who […]

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