Letter to the editor: Renacci is out of touch on gun regulation

As a Crain’s subscriber, I am very concerned about Jim Renacci’s April 26 guest op-ed regarding gun regulation. Mr. Renacci’s views are significantly out of touch with what most Americans believe regarding gun regulation. Multiple polls have indicated that U.S. citizens, by significant majorities, have supported the following gun regulations: 3. 76% favor banning individuals on the Federal watch list ( April 2021: Morning Consult/Politico poll ) 4. 73% favor a waiting period of three days after gun purchases ( April 2021: Morning Consult/Politico poll ) 5. 70% favor a national database regarding gun ownership ( April 2021: Morning Consult/Politico poll ) These responses paint a political landscape that contradicts Mr. Renacci’s contentions regarding what is best for the U.S. These are the "reasonable" desires of the national citizenry. Many other polls reflect similar responses. Gov. Mike DeWine and other political actors are not "misguided" when they support the wishes of the electorate. Mr. Renacci’s contention that Ohio House Bill 62 would create an Ohio sanctuary to combat federal gun regulations is dangerous. There is no safety in unregulated conceal carry. There is no protection in the ownership of military assault weapons. There is little protection in unmonitored gun show sales. There is little protection for the police when unregistered weapons are available. And there is little protection for Ohio citizens and the police when there is no regulation regarding transfer gun sales. "Law-abiding" gun owners are generally in favor of these poll questions. "Law-abiding" citizens register, report the […]

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