Letter to the editor: The polarization of local politics

Editor: This morning, I received an email from Adrienne Fraley-Monilas and her biggest concern about the upcoming council race. Here is a snippet, ” What’s at stake in the upcoming city council race? Funding for social and community programs, the Democratic majority on our city council, and solutions to our homelessness crisis.” This is both offensive and elitist to me and should be offensive to every citizen in Edmonds. We have seen our local politics and political climate become flooded by partisan bickering and fear mongering. We have seen a decrease in civility on the Council, a decrease in transparency at the executive level, and an administration that is following a national playbook written by national interests. We have seen some candidates accept money from special interest groups and then tout that as a good thing. What we are not seeing is what local politics should be — non-partisan solutions to common problems. The last time I checked, homelessness was not a Republican or Democrat issue. Churches, veterans organizations, social organizations and other non-profit organizations, as well as our own homes, donate time and hours to try to solve this complex issue. Social programs are not a local Democrat or Republican issue. We want services that serve all of our community regardless of the label that Adrienne Fraley-Monilas and the mayor have decided to put on them. We want equitable and diverse solutions for our city that enhance investment, preserve Edmonds, increase understanding and opportunities to build generational wealth […]

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