Letter to the editor: Vote against Vernon County resolution

The Constitution was never intended to be a free pass to violate the rules of basic safety and fairness. We have common-sense boundaries on many of its provisions. The Constitution guarantees Freedom of Religion, but we can’t have human sacrifice. The Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech, but we can’t lie in a contract. Given the lethal potential of guns, the Second Amendment in particular should not be immune to reasonable boundaries. America has more guns per person, and more gun deaths, than any other advanced nation. The last thing we suffer from is a lack of gun rights. By opposing any boundaries, the “2nd Amendment Preservation” resolution before the Vernon County Board has potential to hurt all of us. And as a nationwide initiative, it could come to your county. Nobody wants to limit hunting, or a pistol for home-defense, but having an assault rifle hanging from your shoulder is just showing off. It’s thuggery. We’ve seen this push for unlimited gun privileges produce a sense of entitlement for violence. This attitude created the Wolverine Watchmen, who planned to execute Michigan officials, and the Proud Boys, happy to prepare for violence if given the signal, and the Bundy group, who felt it was their “right” to exploit, then seize, Federal lands, and most recently, the seditious violence at the Capital. This resolution fans the flames of that mindset. It commits the county to “oppose” any law that would in any way regulate gun behavior. More lawlessness! How is that […]

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