LETTER: Trump presents clear choice for voters

Do you hate Trump? Fine. This is what will happen if you elect Biden (in actuality, Kamala Harris) president: The First Amendment will be null and void. Big Tech will censor you at the drop of a hat. If you engage in wrongthink about anything the least bit controversial, you could lose your job. The possibilities are endless under a social credit system such as the one in Communist China. Your Second Amendment rights will be forfeit. Biden has been a gun-grabber for decades and he’s promised to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun policy, who famously declared last year, “Hell, yeah, we’re gonna take your AR-15.” Pro tip: They never stop at the AR-15s. Your taxes will go up. A lot. Your cost of living, because of the idiotic Green New Deal, will go up a lot more, including massively increased electricity rates, massive tax hikes on fuels and the eventual banning of gasoline powered automobiles, as just happened in California. Reimposition of high corporate taxes will send our jobs back to China and Mexico and God knows where else, all so that establishment billionaires can continue to line their pockets at our expense. I could go on, but there is only one man in this race that is opposing the corrupt establishment elites in Washington, New York City and Silicon Valley. There is only one man in this race that supports your right to keep and bear arms, to say what you want on social media […]

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