LETTERS: Horse racing’s handicap, gun insurance, law and order, stolen yard signs

LETTERS: Horse racing's handicap, gun insurance, law and order, stolen yard signs

Bill would make it difficult for harness racing to survive The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act , currently before Congress, seeks to create national, uniform anti-doping medication and track safety programs to help prevent the catastrophic breakdowns affecting Thoroughbred horses. However, the bill also includes Standardbred horses and leaves an opening for the breed to be regulated by the federal government, which is not necessary. It will drive small owners out of an agricultural business that significantly benefits Ohio. Standardbreds are used in harness racing, a safe sport that very rarely has catastrophic breakdowns like Thoroughbred racing has. Standardbreds are sturdier and race at a trot or pace gait where their weight is carried on two legs, as opposed to Thoroughbreds that gallop and carry their 1,000-pound bodies on one leg at a time. Standardbreds also race three times as often and have longer racing careers. The proposed law would have a per-start-fee funding mechanism that is unfair to harness racing because of the frequency of racing and longer careers. Standardbreds compete for significantly less purse money, meaning horsemen will be hit hard under the per-start fee model. Congress needs to seriously take into consideration the differences between these two horse breeds and remove Standardbreds and harness racing from HISA. Dan Leary, director of communications, U.S. Trotting Association, Hilliard Failing clear gun reform, everyone buy insurance Despite the pandemic and all it entails, gun violence is again in the news, this time police-related and at demonstrations. Before, it was […]

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