Letters: Jordon McNair’s death wasn’t the first; The Capital’s bias; and Ron George’s vote against gun control

Letters: Jordon McNair's death wasn't the first; The Capital's bias; and Ron George's vote against gun control

Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair died June 13. (Maryland Athletics) University death The death of Jordon McNair was not the first football player to die from a heat stroke while practicing football at the University of Maryland. Charles “Sonny” Lohr died in 1959 after suffering a heat stroke incurred while practicing football. The university avowed this would never happen again, but obviously, it has. We appoint commissions to study such things and make recommendations and changes but in time there is no one left to continue monitoring the process. The death of Sonny Lohr did bring about changes in the way coaches nationwide no longer denied water to players during practice. The people ultimately responsible for the care of all athletes, the school or organization, need to make sure that the safety and health of the participants are monitored independently from the coaches. There is way too much abuse and neglect of these vulnerable athletes. CHARLIE MADDOX Gambrills The Capital’s bias It’s hard to know where to start to respond to your opinion page of Aug. 16. I was sure you would not disappoint on the Boston Globe’s day of conspiracy and collusion with other editorial pages. Your headline alone is alarming. For the past two years, your interests have not been concerned with your readers’ views. Rather, you’ve been dedicated to delivering a distorted and biased paper, denigrating a duly elected president. The horror that ensnared your staff and our town is beyond description; but, it doesn’t have […]

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