Letters: Kudos to those who stopped the bird shoot. And Marilyn won’t help the museum.

Letters: Kudos to those who stopped the bird shoot. And Marilyn won't help the museum.

Special to The Desert Sun Kudos to those who stopped bird shoot How could anyone with a soul and a heart kill an innocent bird or any animal? These barbarians forget that they are God’s creatures and they will not be forgiven when they die and try to get into heaven. Killing innocents who have done nothing wrong — to be shot out of the sky to suffer a very cruel death? It is likely they will be going where it is very hot for eternity. Much gratitude goes out to the animal activists who tried to stop them. Lisa Robertt, Indio Marilyn viewers unlikely to visit museum Seriously? Mr. Berger really thinks that throngs will visit the art museum because of the road closure and "Forever Marilyn"? As a museum member of many years, I agree that throngs of hundreds did visit the museum after or before viewing Marilyn when she was placed downtown in the past. Unfortunately, that only happened on Thursday nights when the museum was free. The rest of the time, meh, not so much. Reinstall "Forever Marilyn" where it isn’t a travesty in front of the museum and keep Museum Way open as a needed traffic diversion from Palm Canyon. Win-win. Barb Kaplan, Palm Springs Concern about COVID coming over the border Just as Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed himself to be the worst of all possible combinations, that of ignorance and arrogance, causing the deaths of thousands in New York, we are now seeing […]

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