Letters: Lawmaker’s column was ‘Hogwash,’ don’t give Josh Mandel a forum

Letters: Lawmaker's column was 'Hogwash,' don't give Josh Mandel a forum

Paper gives Mandel what he wants Whatever Josh Mandel’s genuine beliefs, the attention he’s getting for his 2021 church tour to claim the presidential election was somehow, some way “stolen” from his hero Donald Trump is way too much. When other Republicans acknowledge that the election was fair — as did GOP consultant Mike Hartley in the Oct. 27 edition of The Dispatch — but fail to call out Mandel’s shameless efforts to whip up the people who presumably genuinely believe the ridiculous claims, they insult their voters and do their country a disservice. More: ‘I’m the only candidate to say the election was stolen:’ Mandel cites election fraud claim Trump Republicans are deliberately deceiving Republican voters to achieve their own political goals, while media that run with Mandel’s bombastic, dishonest and self-serving rhetoric are doing exactly what Mandel hopes they’ll do: give him lots and lots of attention. Margo Bartlett, Delaware Lawmaker’s column was hogwash. Gun bill needs to be stopped Scott Wiggam’s Oct.18 guest column touted the need for Ohio to have a bill that prohibits companies from securing contracts with the state of Ohio if they have policies or practices that “discriminate against a firearm entity or firearm association.” More: Ohio must stand against companies that deny ‘constitutionally protected God-given rights’ to firearms Wiggam’s convoluted logic fails right out of the gate. He asserts that this bill is needed because Ohioans are being denied their Second Amendment rights. Hogwash. This problem simply does not exist. No […]

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