LETTERS: NRA’s lethal vision

LETTERS: NRA's lethal vision

Feb 14, 2020 at 12:05 AM StarNews readers sounds off on abortion, the impeachment trial and much more. Who will protect our children? EDITOR: Sexual abuse at any age is not to be tolerated, but sexual abuse of children in our school system by school officials is an almost unspeakable abomination. We applaud our courts for trying and punishing sex offenders even when those assaulted were adults. How then can we turn a blind eye when the victims are children who theoretically are in a safe environment? How can I continue to tell my friends that the public schools are safe? How can I testify that our officials, including members of the Board of Education, are mindful of the vulnerability of these young people in their care and are dedicated to protecting every child in our schools? We don’t need degrees in psychology to know the long-term damage wrought upon these innocent children by adult predators, adults that they are expected to respect, trust, and even obey. Any school official who knows of such sexual abuse and does nothing is aiding and abetting the perpetrator, becoming a perpetrator as well. It is time for all of us as citizens of this community and would-be protectors of our children to demand a safe environment in our schools. Our children, all of them deserve no less. Geneva Reid, Wilmington Nasty politics EDITOR: Why doesn’t the Democratic Party want to win the Presidential election? All they want to do is the politically […]

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