Letters: Readers discuss 2nd Amendment absurdity, Andy Reid’s plans, vote restriction

Another side The absurdity of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has brought to a head America’s unwillingness to modernize its firearms regulations. (Nov. 11, 2A, “Rittenhouse lawyers ask for a mistrial”) As always, a key stumbling block is the political argument injected into a debate that should be solely about balancing individual rights and public safety. Rittenhouse’s defense — that he felt threatened by the people he shot (probably because he was an untrained civilian with an automatic weapon roaming through an unruly crowd of protesters) — is a throwback to Wild West vigilantes. Whether that is perceived as a good or bad thing depends largely on someone’s politics, but what about considering another scenario? What if people who worked at the Capitol, bystanders who saw the mayhem or even card-carrying antifa members pulled out guns to ostensibly help the battered police defend Congress on Jan. 6? Would they have been justified shooting protesters, many of whom were captured on video engaging in physical violence as they stormed into the building? I imagine this outcome would also be viewed differently by those with opposing political beliefs. The Second Amendment was written to keep every American safe. That should always be at the heart of its interpretation and application. – John McDonald, Ferguson, Missouri Reid’s big plan? I wonder: Is there room for counterpoint in the saga of the Chiefs’ demise and resurrection? Expert opinions have been bandied about from all corners, but so far all seem to miss the elephant […]

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