Letters: Second Amendment doesn’t address assault weapons

Letters: Second Amendment doesn't address assault weapons

One hundred people in the USA died yesterday of gunshot wounds and most of us did not notice. In the last few weeks there have been two hateful events which left 18 innocent people murdered, which did not go unnoticed. I am trying try to think of what I or others might have done that would have somehow curbed the violence. Since the 2014 murder of the Sandy Hook schoolchildren and teachers in Connecticut, I have believed that nothing short of congressional action can stop these massacres. Yet, I have been silent – No More! What’s even worse, is that many in our Congress (as well as some citizens of Franklin County) immediately find refuge in the Second Amendment and claim that it is a most sacred right. There is no question that we all have the "right to bear arms.” What is also true, however, is that the Second Amendment never mentions the right to choose an AR-15 (Vietnam war weapon) or to buy a gun without a background check. There is no question that many citizens have guns and use them responsibly and safely. However, the very presence of the assault weapon as the weapon of choice in the hands of an inebriated, angry or disturbed person can be very deadly, as we all have seen. We have to develop a commitment to gun safety. How did the proliferation of guns of all types, as well as other issues such as the ability of abusers of women […]

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