Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sept. 17

Democratic versus authoritarian Democracy or dictatorship? That is our choice. Democracy is messy, requires compromise; personal freedom is paramount, and requires the rule of law. Autocracy yields certainty in that the leader is in charge, but that power brings corruption like we have seen with Mr. Trump. The autocrat is above the law. How about 12 more years? Some say the Democrats will take your guns, but now sources tell me that Democrats are buying guns to protect themselves. Maybe the autocrat will find guns in citizen’s hands a threat — remember that in Russia only the police and military are allowed guns. Some might say the choice is pro-life vs pro-choice, but when the dictator has control and has no reluctance to changing his mind on a whim, then the choice is his. In a recent article, “Do Pro-Lifers Who Reject Trump Have ‘Blood on their Hands’?," David French, a conservative commentator. digs deeper and says “no." Under Trump, social security will be gone or become dependent on ones loyalty to the leader. Under the president’s latest plan (whim) the OASI (Social Security) Trust Fund reserves would become permanently depleted by the middle of calendar year 2023, with no ability to pay benefits thereafter. The choice is ours. I choose democracy and freedom. BILL BRENNEMAN, Lovingston Are you better off today than four years ago? This letter begs the question of how the good people of Nelson County will fulfill their patriotic duty to vote for the next […]

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