Letters to the Editor: Violence won’t end until stronger laws in place

Letters to the Editor: Violence won't end until stronger laws in place

Regarding “Guns aren’t just tools” (Letters, May 31): Particularly offensive to me was Craig DeLuz’s statement that there isn’t a gun violence problem in this country — there’s a violence problem — and his comments about infringement of Second Amendment gun rights. Of course there’s a gun violence problem in this country. Thousands of people are killed with guns in this country and it is nearly impossible to create laws that infringe on gun rights. We will never even begin to solve these problems with this sort of thinking. Joseph Johnson, San Francisco Retrain our brains Consciously or not, when we communicate, we read people from their facial expression and body language to their speech. When sitting in a conference room, we move our heads to scan through people sequentially. If you consider our brain as a big feature analyzer, this feature space is four-dimensional, and in a discrete time series. After the COVID-19 breakout, meetings moved online and all people are concentrated in little squares on the screen. We retrained our brain and gained the ability to read people from speech, low resolution 2D images and all people simultaneously. When cameras are not on, it is even more challenging as it is limited to speech only. Long pauses and silence make people uncertain. Think about it furthermore, as offices reopen, people will be wearing masks in the conference room. We lose about half of the face expression. Our brain needs to be trained again! Sophia Shi, San Bruno […]

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