Letters to the editor: Voting, extremism, guns

Valid election To the Idaho Secretary of State and the county clerks of Idaho: With the president and others in the federal administration suggesting problems with mail-in voting, it is imperative that all of you assure the citizens of Idaho of the security of our ballots and the validity of the final vote count. It is important that you do that prior to the election. In each election cycle there are results in local races that are determined by a close vote or are upsets. Trying to assure the loser and his or her supporters that the vote count is not suspect will be hard if the first time they receive assurances about our voting system is after the election. Each of you should take every chance between now and the election using all forms of media to assure us that Idaho’s votes will be free of fraud and the results of each election will be valid. Kirk Hall, Boise A weekly roundup of opinions, commentary and your views from around the region. Extremism The Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Bullying and Intimidation, and no one in supposed authority shows any inclination to take any action without extreme provocation. The go-to move of conservatives everywhere in America, and in Idaho in particular, has become gathering in large, heavily armed groups to harass and intimidate people, and this has only gotten worse since they elected a draft-dodging president who is a coward and a bully. Should a […]

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