Letters to the Editor: Why did man acting unbalanced have a gun?

Why did he have a gun? I was saddened by the article in the October 15 issue about the shooting death of Diane Perron, allegedly by her neighbor. The authors of this article did not investigate nor mention why, given the neighbor’s mental health, suicide threats, and previous encounters with law enforcement, he was in possession of a firearm. “Lethal-means safety” is considered by most health care professionals to be de rigueur for individuals like the victim’s neighbor. This tragic event is just one more reason for adopting “red flag” laws with regards to firearms. Second Amendment extremists not withstanding, this and similar deaths could be prevented by responsible regulations as to legally owning a firearm. Robert Pilger Get all the news you need to start your day. Gig Harbor Theft of election signs I am upset that people are stealing political signs in the City of Gig Harbor. These are signs that have been properly permitted and legally placed on the City of Gig Harbor property. Whoever the thieves are, they are not stealing all signs, just Joy Stanford, Carrie Hesch and Biden/Harris signs. I realize that this is petty crime. However in this time of pandemic, when normal campaigning and fundraising activities are curtailed, every campaign expense is carefully guarded. Campaign signs cost money. When more than 150 signs are missing within days of being put up, it represents a considerable amount of money lost. The Democratic party members in our city and county are following all […]

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