Lewis County legislators protest three gun bills, new state mandate

Gun Rights

LOWVILLE — Four pieces of state legislation have spurred the Lewis County Board of Legislators to take a stand, unanimously approving resolutions protesting changes to gun laws and another state mandate for county revenue. One resolution stated that the board opposes each of three firearm-related bills, one by the Senate and two by the state Assembly. The Senate has proposed a new law that will require all firearm background checks to be processed by a state police unit formed specifically for that purpose. The board’s resolution said the bill also authorizes the state police to be “the point of contact for implementation of the federal background checks” and will create a statewide fee-for-service for those checks. “This proposed law will simply create another layer of state bureaucracy and cause unnecessary cost to the background check procedures in place,” said the board’s resolution, “And may, in fact, end up being passed on to local county government as another unfunded mandate.” A proposed amendment to the general municipal law by the state Assembly would prohibit guns as prizes for raffles and other games of chance, an action that the board states in its resolution is “overreaching in its justification.” The board said that raffling firearms is a popular fundraising activity in the county for fire departments and hunting and fishing clubs, and because winners must be over 18 years old and are put through background checks, there shouldn’t be an issue with the practice. “An outright prohibition of firearms as raffle […]

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