Liberty state enters second phase

Staff Writer COLVILLE, WA The Liberty State movement is entering its second phase, which means it’s time to get elected local, state and federal officials to commit support, said spokesperson Rene Holladay. “This grassroots outreach has been so encouraging, so exciting,” she said of the recruitment and educational work done in 2018. The movement seeks to divide Washington at the Cascade Range, with 20 counties on the east side forming Liberty State. She said the movement to split Washington has been going on for more than a decade, but growing civil unrest over rural voters having no voice in political issues that are an affront to their belief system means people are ready for change. “We are looking forward to bringing on the elected officials, we want them involved,” said Holladay of the plan for 2019. In mid-December, she held a volunteer recruitment meeting in Colville. She told the audience at the Stevens County Sheriff’s ambulance building that the work being done to carve out a new state was methodical and thorough to be sure all bases were covered. “We spent the year establishing structure and a volunteer framework in each county,” she said, Holladay expected a high level of support from Stevens County, where the largest fundraiser, to date, was held in early 2018. She said 350 people attended that event and contributed $5,000 toward the cause. Although she approached the Stevens County Commission to sign a resolution – a philosophical statement – in support of Liberty State […]

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